2019 and new year's resolution

Happy New Year!

Getting into the second week of the new year. How was 2018 went for you? I spent most of my 2018 planning the contents for this blog. Moving towards 2019, there will be more posting here rather than social media.

Here are some of my new year's resolution:
Read more books, reduce time to 20 mins/day on social media, make more arts, and have a better financial plan. Lead simple life, eat healthy foods and learn more recipes. 
Let me be really honest here, I really like to go out and take hundreds of photos every day. Photos of anything, from the street to look up tall buildings, and even some Instagram friendly looking cafe. And for that, I was thinking to upgrade my photography gear this year but then I read this:

David talked about 10 upgrades you should do in 2019. (click to read)

Output really matters, even from your mobile phone's camera. Save the money you going to spend on new gears, go travel, or buy books, subscribe to video tutorials, podcasts and read more books.

I have been a slow blogger for 5 years now, maybe I should do more of this for 2019. If you would like exchange your blog, please leave the web address down in the comment section.

A useful read if you starting to blog again this year:

Why you should forget Facebook? 

Kick-start your blog in 2019

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