My best shot on Redmi Note 3 (Sample photos)

Mobile phone photography is not a new thing nowadays. The quality of the camera on your smartphone probably better than your 5 years old digital camera. I am a fan of compact, minimalist camera which limits the way I took photograph but it pushes me to get the most of it. In May 2016, I decided to buy a new Chinese phone called Redmi Note 3 by Xiaomi. 

Xiaomi is a Chinese based company most likely known as Chinese Apple. From the physical products to the software for the phone, Xiaomi is yet not to impress the smartphone industry. I am not going to review the phone because you can read lots of reviews on the net. My favourite review is this one. The camera on most of their mid-range smartphones are incredibly good (with the price you pay, I can say, it is top of the market). I have been taking more than 12,000 photos throughout a year I been using the phone. I have used it to take some photos during my travelling, people around me and just random things/scenery surround me.

Here are my best photos from the Redmi Note 3. Some are taken in HDR mode. All photos are not edited, straight from the phone, shot on highest megapixels, 12mp on rear camera. Various locations, shooting mode and weather. Enjoy!

The details captured by this phone are just stunning. In most kind of light, you will get the pictures you wanted. The highlights and the shadows are clear, you might need to enhance in VSCO or Snapseed to add some contrast and saturation. The picture above and below are both shot in HDR mode.

Under a bright sunny day, you don't have to worry for your photo to get overexposed, this little beast can handle it for you.

Good lighting and details will make your photo really look good on your Instagram.

The camera also works very well indoor.

Most smartphone's camera will have some troubles shooting against the sun. But I find this phone excellent in shooting directly into the sun.

In low light, the camera is struggling to find a focus point, all you have to do is you can shoot on Night Mode (HHT) from the Scene options in the camera setting, and hold your camera steadily so it will get something like in the shot above.

If you want to explore some creative shots, you can use manual mode, and play around with the manual mode. It will automatically set your camera to an optimum setting to get a good lighting for the photo. For this one, the phone just shoots in slower shutter speed which made a cool shot like this.

I have more photos to share, but I will save the best for the last. You can follow me on Instagram to see some updates and more photos beautifully taken by this phone.

I heard, they just launched a few models which have better everything, and definitely better camera and more cool features. Why don't you go and check their website to get more info. Mi Website

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