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Let's kick 2017 with an exciting news, shall we? (Well not very exciting lah).
For those who just started reading my blog (it has only 9 posts, so far) or having waited for a new post-maybe, I have recently relocated myself to Pulau Pinang. An island of makan-makan.

I know what you thinking already. I can't believe how serious the food business in Penang.  Seriously, ask everyone. If you tell someone you are going to Penang, just wait for his/her first response.. First and most probably reply you will get is, "oh you definitely should try this ___ or that ____ (insert the name of the restaurant/food)".

Crazy la. Yes, that's the first impression of this island. I love it. For the gweilo, they probably more interested in the historical side of Penang which are quite impressive tourist destination. But once they step their foot in Penang, they would be surprised on how the locals have more appreciation on food compared to the buildings.

Look for how many people queuing for Nasi Kandar Hameediyah and the people queuing to get in Cheong Fat Tze ( The Blue Mansion). Right, there is no queue at all. Serious ah?

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There are lot of things to see around here. My favorite spot is Hin Bust depot for a weekend chill-out. Nice breakfast and coffee at ----- plus the artsy fartsy market. If you love arts, there is also some temporary exhibition happening in the gallery. You can check their website or Facebook page for more info. 

I don't think Batu Feringghi is that interesting, unless you really want to see a beach. Especially in the weekend, the traffic heading in and out of the area is too much. Cannot tahan. It is still a nice area to visit, you can have your evening stroll there or have a sip of coffee by the beach and watch the day pass by, also can.

Another thing I like about Penang is everywhere you walk, you will discover a new thing, be it mural on the wall, tiny sculptures, weird looking plant, yellow furniture, red door, or even a moss and scraped wall can be really beautiful to look at. Walking pass by some shops, you can hear an old tai tai scolding her simple husband, or pass by an old uncle enjoying a cup of black coffee in the porch.

Or an old scrap collector;

Or broken windows and rustic wall;

Of all the uniqueness and series of events that happens everyday in this land of pearl, I think I am going to like it here, a lot. Why not. Right?

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