Everyday from 223 - First month.

Moving and living from one to another place is quite challenging. The feeling of waking up and have to see a different view of what you used to is quite distressing. Sometimes I am feeling anxious thinking that why that thing is there, why something is not there. It takes sometime to adapt to a new environment.

7 weeks 4 days to be exact since my first day sleeping in my new room. The room is in the second floor with the windows facing some nice green trees. The thick leaves make a soothing sound if the wind blows. There also some bamboos growing there. In the middle of the night, it really sounds eery if the wind is strong. What I really like is to wake up and see at the green leaves, good for my eyes.

On a very sunny day, the ceiling fan on a full speed can't get the heat away. Free sauna all day long. Yay. The temperature gone down in the evening and it gets better when rain pouring down. The bed makes creaking sound when it moves, like the one you hear in horror films, and it really moves. Every morning, I have to push it against the wall. Thin hard mattress is what they gave me, so I have to put an extra mattress on top. The good thing is, the sun in the morning blocked by the trees which gives me perfect sleeping in.

I like the space, this room is just perfect for my little table, my stool and a bedside table for me to do other stuffs. Currently, I am trying to learn some brush lettering with my cool cheap Chinese brush with the ink. Keep practicing they say. Even there is no sign of progress.

Coffee every morning. I found the mug in nearby Tesco. I like the minimalist pattern.

The room comes with a corner study table with a shelve hung on the wall. This is where I write and edit my photographs. At the moment, I have lots of reading and writing to do for my study. This table really helps.

When I first started working, I spent half of the salary on the first month to buy some perfumes. It is better to buy all at once, so I don't have to keep buying. Some of the collections.

Who says man can't have more than one perfume?

I haven't really met my neighbour yet. Bumped into one or two of them in the bathroom. But I guess they are like "I-don't-talk-to-people" kind of person. Its great, because I don't want to talk to you too.

Wish me luck for the rest of the year.

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