Taman Sari, Yogjakarta. - Bahagian 2

The feeling travelling in Yogjakarta was different. I  was travelling to Yogjakarta in February with a friend, Khatib (see his instagram here). He also posed for some of the photos. We rent a car and drove around places in Yogyakarta which most places were unbelievably stunning. From the Malioboro Street to highest point of Brobodur temple, we tried to explore every inch of the land. 

One of the place that I adore most was this large complex of recreational area for the Sultan and the royal family in Yogjakarta. The complex was built in acres of land in 15th centuries but now occupied by the local where they built houses and shops around the complex. There are few buildings were successfully restored and open to public. I just loved the details of the building, the underground tunnel, the pathways that connect the rooms and the smell of the old building. It feels mystical and all the rooms have this mysterious story of what happened in the past and why it happened. Here are some photos that encompass all the mixed feelings. 

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